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The Researchers Develop A 3D Printing Auxiliary Technology, Wireless Tracking And Storage
Oct 11, 2018

The two antennas are the same, so the team found a way to decode the lid moving direction.

"Gear teeth have a specific sequence to encode information.It is like the Morse code."So when you put the lid in one direction, you'll see the information in advance.But when you put the lid to another direction, you will get a contrary information.

As for the outside of the scope of wi-fi store their use of information, the researchers chose an insulin pen, it can monitor its usage, and insufficient in the signal signal.

The old lakota said: "even if there is no wi-fi connection, you can still take insulin."So we need a mechanism to store the number of you use it.Once you back to this range, you can store the data uploaded to the cloud.

This approach requires mechanical movement, such as a button, and through the inside can only one-way movement of ratchet up spring to store information.Every time by pressing a button, spring will be tight.When a user back to the WiFi range, they can loosen the ratchet, spring will be loosen.When gears, it will move a trigger switch to repeatedly exposed antenna gear.Calculate each contact, to determine the number of users to press the button.

The next challenge is to make these 3D printing devices become smaller, so they can embed real bottle, limbs or insulin pen.

The study, funded by the national science foundation and Google teacher award, UW team will be held in Berlin on October 15 the ACM symposium on user interface software and technology announced the results of the study.