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The Strangest 3D Printing Arm In History Has A Reliable Muscle Contractions And Shot Projectile
Mar 12, 2018

Hackerloop, a European engineering group, has created a 3D printing repair of the Nerf gun, which can respond to a user's muscle contractions and fire projectile.Modified Swarmfire Nerf USES EMG sensors and 3D printing parts.



Hackerloop may have just created one of the most outrageous prosthetic arms in history.Although over the years we have seen some good 3 d printable prosthesis, but wild design can attract creative children but a Nerf to launch projectile bionic arm must be inconceivable.



The group, based in Berlin and Paris, realized that they had a very unfair advantage in the regular Nerf campaign and decided to create a DIY prosthesis: their opponent had only one hand.To level the playing field, they used 3D printing, electronics and EMG sensors to build an improved arm hybrid gun that could be fired without a trigger.

"Electromyography is a great way to communicate your body to your hardware," says Valentin Squirelo of Hackerloop."We use it to detect electrical impulses and translate them into instructions for our guns.You can imagine other USES."



To make an arm impactor, three electrodes must be placed in different areas of the Huchet arm, using different inputs to detect changes in muscle activity.The voltage range is transmitted to the sensor and then transmitted to a microcontroller similar to Arduino, and then Arduino determines whether the signal has reached a threshold that is considered a "fire alarm".

Then send the flame signal to the modified Swarmfire Nerf spray gun, use 3D printing sheath and casing for modification, and then bam!The foam is dropping.It's not yet clear whether Hackerloop will share Nerf's principles and STL files, but it would be great if it became an open source project.



Two years ago, manufacturer Jeremy Chang turned Nerf into a 3D printed Halo 5 MA5D assault rifle.Not very convenient, but still very cool.Maybe someone could combine these two projects?