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The U.S. Army Engineers In The Camp 3D Printing Reinforced Concrete Footbridge
Jan 14, 2019

The U.S. army engineer research and development center (ERDC) researchers recently in mechanical engineer Megan Kreiger (Megan Kreiger), in southern California camp pendleton 3D printing a 32 feet long reinforced concrete footbridge.Kreiger's goal is the modern version of the 3D printing bailey bridge.She said: "if we can build a bridge to support tanks, it would be a great thing."

3D printing pedestrian bridge is not easy.When she first arrived, it was raining hard, in the mud."In the pouring rain is hard to print it out," she said."It's crazy."

Pedestrian overpass pilot project is not kreiger to participate in the first successful large-scale 3D printing project.Last year, the team in less than two days, a military base in the scene for a 32 feet x 16 feet barracks finished 9.5 feet tall reinforced concrete wall of 3D printing.The team on a 10-year-old computer designed a 3D model.Once they are printed, will push concrete the print head and repeated layering to build the wall of the barracks.

Kreiger was at Michigan tech University (Michigan Technological University) during the study of materials science and engineering graduate students began to contact with 3D printing, joined the U.S. army engineer research and development center in 2015.

ERDC also plans on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions in concrete using 3D printers.ERDC troops serving is the first at the scene of the natural disasters, is good at providing food and water, but it is difficult to provide shelter.In many places, cement more accessible than wood, the army can quickly print homes, schools and communities to replace those destroyed buildings.Kreiger thinks, in the absence of template limited labor needed to create custom concrete structure has the great significance.

Kreiger said: "my goal is to increase material construction as a kind of feasible method, and introduces the advantages of large-scale 3D printing military and commercial buildings.""I want to by 3D printing to promote and test the limits of the construction industry".

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