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The Us Navy Has Approved On The Aircraft Carrier Use First 3D Printing Metal Parts
Oct 15, 2018

The Naval Sea Systems Command, Naval Sea Systems Command) announced in a press release on Thursday, the U.S. navy has approved on the aircraft carrier to use the first 3D printing metal parts.

                  The nimitz-class aircraft carrier harry s Truman (CVN 75) perform a flight mission

Said in a statement: "in the 2019 fiscal year, Harry S. Truman number (CVN - 75) will be installed a drainage hole filter (DSO) prototype assembly, for a year of testing and evaluation."DSO assembly is a steam system components, in use process to allow drainage/drainage from the steam pipe.

To build the navy aircraft carrier Huntington Ingalls Industries (Huntington Ingalls Industries) and the prototype is installed on the U.S. navy ships for testing and evaluation.

"This marks a significant progress is installed in the navy's ability to the demand of the part and combining the NAVSEA on time delivery of ships and submarines, strategic goals while keeping the cost of affordability," the admiral said."Through the focus CVN - 75 (the uss Harry S. Truman), this allows us to more quickly get test results, therefore, if successful, we can built for fleet found material gain additional purposes."

To test the product through the performance and environmental testing, including material, welding, shock, vibration, hydrostatic and operating steam, and will continue in the low temperature low pressure saturated steam system evaluation.A year later, the prototype will be removed and check for analysis.

The us navy has for years been in the use of material manufacturing technology, manufacturing components at the scene, in order to reduce costs and to speed up the supply of spare parts.However, naval vessel system of metal products used for the 3D printing is a relatively new concept, the need for a lot of research and test, can be used within the scope of the fleet.Eventually request is still in review.

Increase material manufacturing technology to ensure holder Justin Rettaliata, said: "when the design, manufacture and install AM components, specifications will build a path for NAVSEA and industrial, and will simplify examination and approval process.""NAVSEA is working for the more commonly used to add material manufacturing process specifications and standards."

The naval sea systems command in the United States navy five systems command in one of the biggest.NAVSEA by four shipyard, nine "war center", the four major shipbuilding site.Its main goal is to design, build and maintain naval ships, submarines and combat system, to meet current and future operational needs fleet.NAVSEA accounted for a quarter of the navy of the total budget, there are more than 150 acquisitions under its regulation.