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Titomic Has Launched The World's Largest 3D Metal Printer In Melbourne.
May 17, 2018

Australian metal additive manufacturing company Titomic today announced the launch of the world's largest metal 3D metal printer at an advanced facility in Melbourne, Australia.Based on the traditional cold spraying technology, the new 3D printing technology can be printed on the scale of 9 meters long by 3 meters by 1.5 meters.


Cold spraying is not uncommon in manufacturing because it is often used as a way to coat or repair parts.But for Titomic, a company based in Melbourne, the principle behind cold spraying is better suited to a more exciting process: the addition of material.

The new Titomic Kinetic Fusion technology is developed by the Australian national science agency CSIRO and Force Industries, using cold spraying technology, but it is used in 3D printing of titanium alloy parts.

The process involves spraying titanium powder indoors, where the gas is heated and the titanium particles accelerate through the nozzle and squirt out of the spray gun.The spray gun is controlled by the robot arm with a precise pattern, and when the particles "collide" with each other on the surface, their plastic deforming processes are glued together at the mechanical level.