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US Navy Has Installed 3D Systems Metal 3D Printers To Make Parts For Nuclear-powered Warships
May 14, 2018

3D printing for nuclear powered warships.

NNS will use 3D Systems ProX DMP 320 metal 3D printing technology to turn its manufacturing elements into additive manufacturing.The shipbuilding company has installed a ProX DMP 320 and plans to produce "shipboard alloy replacement parts for castings and valves, shells and stents" for future nuclear-powered warships.


Newport news shipbuilding engineering and design company vice President Charles Southall said: "the Newport news shipbuilding company is leading the digital transformation, to further completely change the way that the shipyard to build the next generation of ships."

"With the addition of ProX DMP 320 to our manufacturing workflow, this marks the installation of the first metal 3D printer at the major us naval shipyard.With this disruptive technology, Newport news has the potential to reshape the shipbuilding industry."