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Use 3D Printing Organs, Reduce The Risk Of Surgery, BIOMODEX Won $15 Million In Financing
Jun 12, 2018

In recent years, the application of 3 d printing technology in the field of biomedical obtained fast development, especially in the aspect of human organs to print the application research become the focus of social attention.

Medical equipment companies are A + BIOMODEX announced A $15 million round of funding, investors including European investment company Idinvest InnovAllianz and Partners.This round of funding will be users to develop new products in the field of heart disease, and open a new factory.

BIOMODEX is a medical equipment company in France, the use of 3D printing printing of the patient's diseased organs.Based on medical imaging computed tomography (CT) scan or echo, biomechanics, etc., printing organs and surrounding tissues, print out the biological properties of materials can simulate the real organs.

It is mainly used in preoperative planning.BIOMODEX CEO Thomas Marchand believes that such targeted organ 3D printing technology, can help the surgeon to better understand the patient's unique anatomical structure, so they will be able to choose the best way to plan complex surgery.Whether brain aneurysm or structural heart defects, the package will help the surgeon to choose the best medical equipment and simulation operation, reduces the risk of operation.