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Use 3D Print Cyanobacteria Bionic Mushroom Generate Bioelectricity
Nov 13, 2018

Mannoor and Joshi said when placed in the lid of the white button mushroom, algae cells will last several days, and silica gel and die mushrooms as appropriate."These mushrooms matrix is basically a suitable environment, with functions of nourishing algae energy produced advanced," Joshi says."We showed the first hybrid system can be in two different microbial kingdom between artificial symbiotic cooperation or engineering."


In order to develop the bionic mushrooms, Mannoor and Joshi use mechanical arm based on 3D printers first contain nano graphene "electronic ink".This print branch networks by like nano probe ACTS as a mushroom crown ministry of electric power network collection, to get the algae cell biological electronic generated inside it.Mannoor explains, imagine the needle into a single cell in order to get its internal electrical signals.

Next, they will contain cyanobacteria biological ink "with spiral design printed on the mushroom cap, described the spiral pattern in multiple contact points intersect with the electronic ink.In these locations, electrons can transfer of outer membrane by cyanobacteria to graphene nano conductive network.Lit up the mushrooms, activate the algae's photosynthesis, the photocurrent.

In addition to the engineering of longevity symbiotic state cyanobacteria, Mannoor and Joshi suggest that these bacteria can produce electricity according to their density and arrangement, so their intensity is higher, the more power they produce.Through 3D printing, can assemble them, in order to use laboratory liquid move would improve its electricity activity eight times the casting cyanobacteria.

"Through this work, we can imagine the next generation of biological hybrid application of huge opportunity," said Mannoor."For example, some bacteria may shine, while other bacteria can sense the toxins or producing fuel.Through these microbes and seamless integration of nanomaterials, we can take care of the environment, national defense, health care and many other fields to achieve the design of many other amazing creatures mixture."