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Use The AI Software And 3D Print To Create Similar Spider Interstellar Lander
Nov 20, 2018

Autodesk can through the use of its generating design technology to meet NASA's specific design requirements, the form is available in Autodesk product development based on the cloud software Fusion 360 commercially available.By generating design, machine intelligence and cloud computing to generate a wide range of design solutions, these solutions by engineers set of constraints, and limits.This means that the engineer can determine strength requirement and obtain the best position to provide array and instrument solutions, usually look very organic in design.

Davis explained. "we have adopted a system designed to help customers to solve the system level on the formula one motor racing suspension, and the structure of space exploration key constraints applied new requirements."Even the manufacturing method can also be used as a constraint.For example, if the JPL hope to stick to proven forging aluminum, you can guide the design of software production for CNC manufacturing optimization.For 3D printing and casting can also do so, and lander concept using all three methods of manufacturing.

Generated by iteration is designed, compared with the baseline, Autodesk team to 35% reduction in the quality of the external structure, and they at the university of Autodesk in Las Vegas shows the lander.They cut the typical design of the process, and amend the schedule 2-4 months to 2-4 weeks.This level of improvement is to drive technology, productivity and thinking beyond the stratosphere and factors leading to the stars.