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Using 3D Printing Organs, Reduce The Risk Of Surgery, BIOMODEX Won $15 Million In Financing
Jun 12, 2018

In addition to BIOMODEX doing this technique is used for simulating operation, biological 3D printing technology is considered by the medical profession is one of the breakthrough in the treatment of end-stage organ dysfunction.

Previously, tissue organ transplantation is the only effective way to treat end-stage organ dysfunction, but the reason such as the lack of donor organs, tissue compatibility problem seriously limits the development of the organization organ transplantation.People are trying to from mechanical organ replacement, xenotransplantation, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, etc, to break the bottleneck of tissue organ transplantation, including 3D printing and the combination of stem cell transplantation technology breakthrough may represent the future research direction.

3D printing in biomedical applications.In May 2017, northwestern university, the ovary transplantation on 3D printing to mice, success lay in mice, I hope one day can use similar technology to help women with fertility difficult humans;In June this year, researchers at the university of Newcastle united for the first time to use 3D printing made cornea, although transplantation application still need time, but this technology is expected to be the future cure blindness patients with corneal damage.According to IDTechEx predicts that by 2025, the global 3D printing market demand for $7 billion, is expected to half of them from the 3D printing field.