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Volkswagen Mold Open 3D Print Center Advanced Plan Mass Production Parts
Dec 17, 2018

The public is to use the technology can be customized components, such as personalized key ring and the outer plate.Volkswagen's years plan is to use the HP glue injection to production has significant structure for higher performance of features.

Volkswagen's 3D printing center covers an area of 3100 square meters.Now, a team of planners and researchers have devoted to the development of new products and new technology.Within the framework of the future agreement, established a new material manufacturing units, provide 11 for the jobs of the future.

At the opening ceremony, increase material manufacturing director Oliver Pohl, said: "in this case, we created a innovation center, Volkswagen has great strategic significance for the future."

"3D printing center the inauguration of the underlines the importance of the innovation fund II, this makes such investment may," Susanne working committee members Preuk said."Working committee welcome open new technology companies, and to shape their future oriented way, in accordance with the interests of the employees."