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Volkswagen Mold Open 3D Printing Center Advanced Plan Mass Production Parts
Dec 17, 2018

German carmaker Volkswagen tool manufacture department has just announced that the company's main production in wolfsburg factory opened an advanced 3D printing center, can produce complex auto parts.The device will be used with HP cooperative development of "the most advanced generation of 3D printers".

"3D printing center will increase material manufacturing activities to a new level," vw brand production supervisor Andreas Tostmann Dr Commented on the opening ceremony.

"In two to three years, 3D printing will also be a fun place of the first batch of production parts.In the future, we can directly on the production line for vehicle production using 3D printers."

With HP cooperative development of 3D printers based on glue injection process, this is the previous selective laser melting (SLM) process.Compared with other metal 3D printing solutions, HP cement injection to make metal 3D printing more easy and quick.In this method, the use of metal powder and stratified applying adhesive manufacturing components.Then "baking" have been printed in the process of sintering metal parts.