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Vw Plans To Use 3D Metal Printing Mass Production Parts
Sep 17, 2018

Volkswagen was the first company using the latest 3D printing car maker: "HP Metal Jet" 3D printing technology to simplify and accelerate the Metal.The world's biggest carmaker, announced on Tuesday began using 3D printing batch production of auto parts, including gear knob and custom tail gate lettering.

    Volkswagen R Pikes Peak is to use made of 3D printing intersection model developed is composed of                                                                                       2000 parts.

As a result, vw GKN with HP printer manufacturers and parts manufacturers to promote the development of mass production technology of powder metallurgy company.

Vw technology planning and development department director Dr Martin Goede said: "the car production is facing a major challenge: our customers more and look forward to more personalized options.At the same time, the complexity increases with the number of the new model.That is why we rely on the most advanced technology to ensure smooth and fast production, 3D printing in the manufacture of individual parts plays a particularly important role."