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Vw Plans Use 3d Metal Printing Mass Production Parts
Sep 17, 2018

Volkswagen vehicles from 6000 to 8000 different parts manufacturing.Volkswagen factory had 90 3D printer, used for the manufacture of individual parts or special prototype.With the help of HP's 3D Metal Jet technology, compared with other methods of 3D printing, increased productivity 50 times.It is able to use 3D printing production for the first time a large number of parts, and significantly shortened the time needed for parts manufacturing.

Work with HP and GKN, Volkswagen is to further develop the technology, in order to provide customers with personalized design components, such as the tail gate lettering, special gear knob or have the keys to individual words, originally can print into small series.The plan is to provide customers with the personalized claims as soon as possible.

       Robert Stache and his colleague Sven Crull examined by 3D printer parts made of metal.

As early as next year, GKN Powder Metallurgy are going to cooperate with Volkswagen set up a chain of car production process.Volkswagen said the vehicle of the first mass production structure parts can be printed in two to three years.

"A complete vehicle probably will not soon be made 3D printers, but the number and size of 3D printer parts will be increased dramatically," explained Dr Goede.Goede pointed out that the goal is to integrate the print structure parts into the next generation of cars."In the long run, we expect the unit number, size and technical requirements of components will be increasing - enough to achieve each year more than 100000 units of football."

HP said its new metal printing services are not limited to car parts.

"Has had a huge impact - only cars, industry and medical industry every year, billions of metal parts production," HP CEO Dion Weisler said in a statement.