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What Is The Composition Of 3d Printing Pen?
Nov 13, 2017

3D printing pen, can be said to be a creative brush, including both the plane painting and highlight the three-dimensional painting. Recommend you look at the Polyes Q1 creative pen, because it is the use of photosensitive resin through light curing technology to achieve safe, green, environmentally friendly creative object molding, and its material can even paint on the skin, non-toxic harmless to human body. In addition, it also includes the plane painting and highlights the three-dimensional painting. Light curing, cold light, using the photopolymerization technology instead of FDM technology, put an end to the FDM wire rod high temperature heating scald risk, there are many characteristics, you can see it. For example: it uses innovative LED lighting technology, the use of photosensitive polymer instead of ABS/PLA material: this photosensitive resin material meets LED light curing immediately, to avoid the high temperature caused by the high temperature of the burn hazard. It can work only at room temperature, and the safety is greatly improved without harmful gas at the same time (photosensitive materials are green, non-toxic and safe). Because of the low power consumption, it is not limited by the high power consumption and must be plugged in. 

The design of built-in charging can avoid the power line hindering the creation, so that it can be fully wireless and can support flexible mobile operation. The photosensitive material is green, rich colors, transparent, luminous, fluorescent, Xiangfen, temperature change (with temperature color) and so on, and environment to support a variety of special effects requirements.