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What Types Of 3D Printers Are There?
Nov 13, 2017

What are the main types of one and three D printers?

1, FDM three D printer: fused deposition rapid prototyping, the main materials ABS and PLA

2, SLA three D printer: stereolithography, the main material photosensitive resin

3, 3DP three D printer: three dimensional powder bonding.  Main material powder material, such as ceramic powder, metal powder, plastic powder

4, SLS three D printer: selective laser sintering, main material, powder material

5, LOM three D printer: divided into solid manufacturing, the main materials, paper, metal film, plastic film

6, DLP three D printer: digital light treatment, the main material of liquid resin

7, FFF three D printer: fuse manufacturing, the main materials PLA, ABS

8, EMB three D printer: electron beam melting molding, the main material of titanium alloy

How about the price of two or three D printer?

At present, the price of three D printers ranges from thousands to millions. Specific selection also needs reference material requirements, molding size and other parameters.

What are the three and three D printer applications?

1. Educational research

2. Industrial manufacturing

3. Electronic household appliances

4, animation literary creation

5, mold manufacturing

6, hand made

7, art design

8. Automobile and parts

9. Aerospace