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Where Is The Advantage Of 3D Printing?
Nov 13, 2017

First, the biggest advantage of 3D printing is that there is almost no limit to the printed model. 3D printing builds the model by layer by layer stacking method, and it can print different materials according to different models and realize the printing of any complex structure model. To a certain extent, 3D printing breaks the limitation of traditional casting, machine tool processing and other structural parts. At the same time, it makes a significant breakthrough in the manufacture of arbitrary surface, small bore cavity and other difficult to manufacture.

3D printing has a certain impact on the traditional mold manufacturing industry, but due to the immaturity of some technical aspects, it is still difficult to replace the traditional mold manufacturing.

Two, 3D printing is not limited to raw materials. For general desktop 3D printers, the required material is linear, and does not need to be like jade processing as jade stone size and original shape restrictions.

Three, 3D printing is faster and more time-saving in some ways. For example, printing a house, a 500 square meters of nonlinear architecture, with traditional architectural methods need at least half a year, but the use of 3D printing technology, a few days can be completed.

Four, 3D printing technology can be directly controlled by computer, according to the model data in STL files, removed from the mold, cutting, washing and other processes, but also very effective in saving manpower and material resources and time. And 3D printing can also be personalized production, overcome the disadvantages of product line production.

Application of case five, 3D printing in the medical disciplines are more and more physical model for patients with fracture of scapula with high precision 1:1 printing 3D printing technology in Shandong Central Hospital of Jiaozhou, not only to the success of the surgery provides a great help, but also to fill the blank of scapular comminuted fracture using 3D printing technology. In the past, the Department of orthopedics doctors are mostly unified production of artificial bones, then in the skeleton of the combination, or re grinding, artificial bones, or grinding the patient's bones, 3D made bones will break this dilemma.