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With 3D Printing Parts Of Orion Manned Spacecraft Propulsion System Test Successfully
Nov 06, 2018

Aerojet integration recently completed enhanced reaction control thrusters system identification test, the propulsion system will be used exclusively for NASA's Orion spacecraft manned module, the engine nozzle extension was made using 3D printing technology.Aerojet integration said for the first time will increase material manufacturing parts installed on the manned spacecraft.


                                                                                                                                            Image: engadget

Block higher design degrees of freedom, shorten manufacturing time

Orion spacecraft is a new kind of spacecraft, NASA is lockheed Martin is responsible for design and construction of ship.Shuttle consists of two spacecraft, they respectively are: the manned spacecraft launch vehicle (CEV) and cargo (CLV).The internal space of the Orion spacecraft 2.5 times larger than that of Apollo, most can accommodate six astronauts.

Aerojet integration announced that the Orion spacecraft propulsion system control test has been successful, which means that the manned spacecraft module can safely back into the earth's atmosphere.At the same time, the success of this test is also do the second test for Orion spacecraft quashed road.This test is also within the month rail space first mission - quest - 1 (EM - 1).


                                                                                                                                         Photo credit: NASA

In NASA's space launch system (SLS) first flight of the rocket, Orion is projected to the moon, reaction control thrusters for Orion spacecraft after exploring the EM - 1 task is vital to safe return to earth and future mission.

Aerojet integration using the 3D printing/increase material manufacturing technology to produce propulsion system control engine nozzle extension.Aerojet integration said the 3 d printing parts marked the manned spacecraft will be the first to use material manufacturing parts.

According to the 3D science valley market observation, Aerojet integration using 3D printing technology is the cause of designed for propeller parts get a higher degree of freedom, and shorten the manufacturing time of parts.

Aerojet integration factories located in Redmond, Washington, for the qualification test project of the year.In testing, single engine, impact and vibration is more than the expected launch EM - 1 maximum stress;Reaction with EM - 1 flight control system in the engine of the same production batch extraction of the flight test engine test, the test plan during the 619 - pound of propellant combustion, burning time accumulative total of 962 seconds.Aerojet integration followed strict qualification test plan, and believe that this enhanced reaction control system is ready.