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Youbionic For Boston Power Increase 3D Printing Bionic Arm Robot Dog
Nov 30, 2018

Two arms surely better than one, it will be an information rich project, because the right allocation and balance the extra weight will need some work.Four feet SpotMini 25 kg robot is a robot, there are 17 joints, strength can hold 14 kilograms of payload.It can climb stairs and dealing with the object.SpotMini can open a door with one hand, imagine it with both hands to make cocktails (plus a heap of actually quite productive task, such as assembly and testing components).Next year is expected to see the real picture and video, because Federico report said, "I started with Actuonix cooperation, which will provide me with the assembly Youbionic One all the drives.I will do this in 2019 and extended."

His goal is to create the users interact with auxiliary equipment, in order to improve the productivity and implementation capability.Youbionic equipment development is the main task of the robot, it can become the owner of another self, designed to be controlled, as if we are there, they can let us to the place where we cannot reach, such as walking in Martian soil, visiting the planets, navigation, space, etc."

Mars probe detection proved that stars will rely heavily on the robot and bionics, with remote control arms and body moving machine will join the public in the next few years.By 3D printing rapid prototyping and complex geometry is helping developers follow the schedule.SpotMini one of the biggest selling point is that it's no threat, so whether or not the engineering problem is solved, Centaur the success of the Spot, probably all will depend on the extent to which designer can improve its lovely degree, and can reduce the extent to which its fierce degree.