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Youbionic For Boston Power Increased 3D Printing Bionic Arm Robot Dog
Nov 30, 2018

Bionics is still in its infancy, 3D printing has play a role, through the production of bionic hands, eyes, etc to help pave the way.But not all of the bionics will be directly attached to a person.Italian Youbionic Boston Dynamics with famous robot company (Boston Dynamics), will be lovely (or scary, depending on your perspective) SpotMini together with a pair of bionic arm.

Youbionic in 2014 started to develop the bionic rubber hand.The company recently launched the STL file, for their first 3D printed arm, the Humanoid One project is to develop an extension of the same architecture.After finished the arm, the founder of the Youbionic Federico Ciccarese turn to move, because he wants to in the office, factory and home use."Here, I think of the wonderful dynamic SpotMini Boston, it can move very well in the environment, but because of its single beak, and limited ability to manipulate objects," said Federico."I think this is a perfect fusion of!"