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ZER Launch The 3D Printing CONNECT3D Series At Madrid Fashion Week
Feb 02, 2018

Design studio ZER in Spain in Madrid fashion week launched the latest CONNECT3D series products, the winner is samsung independent innovation project, USES a variety of 3D printing clothing, fashion and technology together perfectly.He was founded in 2017 by 23-year-old Ane Castro Sudupe and NuriaCosta Ginjaume.Last year, the couple used additive manufacturing technology to create the CONNECT3D series after an exchange in the Netherlands.



The CONNECT3D series is made up of 10 different appearances, each of which has the use of 3D printing or other digital manufacturing techniques, and ZER USES 3D scanning technology to customize clothing.The result is a monochrome fashion collection with fascinating structures, textures and details.



One of our favorites is the oversized white coat, which highlights the creepy 3D printing surface.It is interesting to note that as part of the samsung innovation, ZER will also be the appearance of the samsung equipment integrated into many catwalk, shows how clothing (may) start to adapt to our daily technology, rather than adapt to the style of technology.




Through the collection, ZER also highlights the production advantages of 3D printed clothing, which indicates that additive manufacturing is creating new possibilities for sustainable manufacturing and personalized design.As NuriaCosta Ginjaume explained in an interview with El Mundo: "we've come up with a design that can scan the human body, which can be designed to design clothing and print directly.



She went on: "we believe this is the future, because it is a very personalized fashion that suits every customer."Fast fashion will gradually be put aside, the proportion of more will be given personal, because there are one thousand institutions and one thousand different people, this is a very direct way of working with the customers.



The series opened on January 29 in Madrid fashion week, models not only in the T stage, but also set up a 3D printer on the stage, to show is not only the machine behind the fashion series, may also be the future of fashion.While the CONNECT3D fashion show is an undeniable success, ZER says it is still just beginning to adopt its technology inspired fashion design.Next year, the designers behind the brand plan to develop more brands and explore new clothing design technology opportunities.

It's worth noting that designers want to spend part of their time developing the business side of the brand, while focusing on research and development.